POLARDUR is a family company with 25 employees and more than 20 years of experience. Located in a unique environment, a small village of 150 inhabitants in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, the company is nationally and internationally present thanks to the work and daily effort of its team and the quality of its only product – the POLARDUR stone.


  • Luis Martin
    Luis Martin Owner
  • Javier Puyuelo
    Javier Puyuelo Director of Production and Quarries
  • Fernando Calabaza
    Fernando Calabaza Director of Administration
  • Marisa Calabaza
    Marisa Calabaza Partner and Administration
  • Marta Lardies
    Marta Lardies Administration


  • Alberto Allue
    Alberto Allue
  • Carlos Campo
    Carlos Campo
  • David Asin
    David Asin
  • David Noguerol
    David Noguerol
  • Francisco Jal
    Francisco Jal
  • Francisco Lamarca
    Francisco Lamarca
  • Gabriel Allue
    Gabriel Allue
  • Gelu Stoica
    Gelu Stoica
  • José Antonio Bergua
    José Antonio Bergua
  • José Luis Vázquez
    José Luis Vázquez
  • José Manuel Noguerol
    José Manuel Noguerol
  • Julian Tejero
    Julian Tejero
  • Manuel Pinteño
    Manuel Pinteño
  • Mohammed Boubekeur
    Mohammed Boubekeur
  • Noureddine el Ouaissi
    Noureddine el Ouaissi
  • Petrica Blahuianu
    Petrica Blahuianu
  • Sauco García
    Sauco García